Gak perlu ruang laktasilah. Menteri Brazil Manuela D’avila saat sesi debat di parlemen, jawab segala pertanyaan sambil menyusui anaknya.

Debat soal negara sembari neteki, cuy!! Udah kebayang khan energi dashyat apa yg dialirkan dari ibunya.

Ini mesti jadi panutan kelompok Feminis. Hahahaha

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About Place And Idea

Hopping tour (imaginary). become an imaginary due to limited time. starting from the Affairs of work unfinished, yet nothing – until the overlap by other things. I'm also interested, preferring organic growth investment rather than speculation. Ask me any questions, I can chat-chatting about the economy, capital markets, political philosophy, history, literature, film, music and you. Yes, you.
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