(Uber owner Travis Kalanick’s conv.)

– Employee: “Mr. Travis Kalanick, our operation in Indonesia is facing protest from taxi drivers.”
– Travis Kalanick: “is it a big protest?”
– Employee: “bigger than the one in france.”
– Travis: “shit, we should help the insurance claims for our partners, how many fleet are being destroyed?”
– Employee: “12 sir, but it’s not ours, the protesters are destroying their fellow taxi’s fleet.”
– Travis: ” I like this country, we should invest more in Indonesia.”


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About Place And Idea

Hopping tour (imaginary). become an imaginary due to limited time. starting from the Affairs of work unfinished, yet nothing – until the overlap by other things. I'm also interested, preferring organic growth investment rather than speculation. Ask me any questions, I can chat-chatting about the economy, capital markets, political philosophy, history, literature, film, music and you. Yes, you.
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