saat nulis ini, sedang liat milos nonton vcd orisinil baby brain dengan seriusnya.

Baru aja pulang dari pasar, ajak dia jalan2. Beli kue risol kesukaan mamanya, pampers yg bisa dipakai berkali2 (baru nyoba), balon dan susu nasional.

mencoba menulis lagi dan membuat janji dalam hati sejak pagi ini (walau sering ingkar), akan terus menulis minimal sekali sehari.

Semoga terlaksana.

have a nice day


About Place And Idea

Hopping tour (imaginary). become an imaginary due to limited time. starting from the Affairs of work unfinished, yet nothing – until the overlap by other things. I'm also interested, preferring organic growth investment rather than speculation. Ask me any questions, I can chat-chatting about the economy, capital markets, political philosophy, history, literature, film, music and you. Yes, you.
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